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Rhodri Goodfellow from Bridgend and an accounting and finance student of Swansea University shares how his work experience has been going. Read here to find out how he's been getting on...

by Tracey Morris | 28th July 2014


Article written by Rhodri Goodfellow, 28th July 2014.


I can’t believe I am coming towards the end of my third week with Bartholomew Hawkins already. The time has actually flown by which I see as a good sign of enjoying what you are doing!


In the middle of last week I had the chance to sit in on a training meeting with most of the staff at Bartholomew Hawkins. It was interesting to see how the meeting was run over the internet and through the phone.


Logistically it makes sense and it’s something you hear businesses doing. Conference calls and video links to various countries. It was nice to see something along those lines happening first hand.


I also got a chance to sit down with the pension specialist, Craig, at the end of last week who taught me another life lesson in managing my money along with learning the ins and outs of pension schemes.


It never occurred to me that pensions could be so complex, and so many different varieties you could potentially get offered by your provider or employer.


This week I attended my brother’s graduation, seeing so many people moving on from education made me think about what is potentially around the corner for them.


My brother is pretty switched on but I know he doesn’t really know much about managing your money. This probably means that there is a lot of students out there who don’t and are intending to spend everything they earn!


This, along with what I have learned at Bartholomew Hawkins led to me writing a blog last week about the younger generations and what they could be doing with their money when they get into full time employment.


I feel that the current generation do not know enough about how to manage their money and may be vulnerable when finding some full time employment.


As well as having a go at writing a blog, I have been using magazines, papers and internet sites to find articles and stories which Tracey, the Marketing Manager here, could possibly use as a basis, to write a blog on.


Another part of Bartholomew Hawkins I got to experience this week was seeing how the post is distributed between the advisors. Although not the most glamourous job in the world but you can appreciate that it is a small cog which must keep turning to keep the business system flowing.


I’m enjoying my work experience so far and have learnt a lot in the three weeks I’ve been here!

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Tracey Morris

Tracey Morris

Marketing Manager

Tracey is responsible for marketing, PR and brand for Bartholomew Hawkins managing campaigns across the business.

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