As my final week of work experience at Bartholomew Hawkins comes to an end

Rhodri Goodfellow from Bridgend is an accounting and finance student at Swansea University and has spent the past 4 weeks with us doing work experience. Read on to find out how what he's been up to.

by Tracey Morris | 1st August 2014


Written by Rhodri Goodfellow, 1st August 2014


I've learnt so much!

Moving into my final week I have still had the opportunity to do few more different activities at Bartholomew Hawkins.

This week I had the opportunity to do some work on the phones. I was given the task of chasing up providers for information regarding certain aspects such as if they had received all relevant information required to do the research that Bartholomew Hawkins needed.

If all the information had been received my job was to find out how long it would take the provider to return the research to Bartholomew Hawkins.

Continuing to help on the admin side of the business is something I do when I have a few hours free in the morning or the afternoon. Throughout the 4 weeks at Bartholomew Hawkins I have steadily gotten more confident with the systems and am getting through the work a lot quicker.

Also in my final week I have had another chance to do some more work in the financial department making a cash flow template on excel, which again is something that I will probably be doing more often further down the line.

Before I came to BH I had my mind set on a career in accounts or possibly auditing. I didn’t realise the financial planning industry was so complex and it also has a lot of depth to it.

I will definitely be looking out for financial planning modules as I progress with studies. It seems to be of more interest to me than some of the modules I had originally planned to take on.

If I have learnt anything in the 4 weeks I have been at Bartholomew Hawkins it is to look out for more career options within the financial sector.

I had made the decision that I was going down the accounting route within the finance sector and I should have really taken a look to see what other options might be available. Financial planning is a career path that I may well consider and look into in more detail.


And finally....

This being my final blog I would like to thank the whole team at Bartholomew Hawkins for making these 4 weeks really interesting and enjoyable.


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