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The main reason I joined Bartholomew Hawkins in September 2015 was due to their understanding of how important it is to have bespoke applications to streamline internal processes.

by Luke Quinnell | 19th December 2016

Since joining, we now have our own internal infrastructure, which allows us to deploy bespoke applications throughout our private network. We have our own authentication system that allows us to deliver tailored functionality to staff members dependent upon their role within the company.

The company now benefits from bespoke calculator applications that allow us to perform quick calculations on total expense ratios and initial fees. These types of applications save financial planners and analysts many hours of manual calculations, they also prevent from any human error and ensure the calculations are accurate each time.

Our biggest challenge to date has been to abstract away from an excel-based workflow system into an entirely bespoke application. The benefits of such a system are as follows:

  • Ensures consistency as we have the control to set the boundaries
  • Prevent errors through the use of form validation
  • Tailored feedback and alerts for each user
  • A data store that other applications can benefit from
  • A system that can evolve with the company's needs

We have endless ideas on what we could build to improve day to day operations throughout the company, below are examples of a number of projects that we are planning to work on in the near future.

  • An application which produces consistent, client-facing investment reports detailing their portfolios at the click of a button
  • Risk mapping analysis tool
  • Document spooling
  • Management reports

Here at Bartholomew Hawkins, we pride ourselves on service and quality; our Software Development process is no different. We continuously test our code and have a quality control group on each project, this ensures quality is always being delivered at each phase and gives us the advantage over our competitors.

We have recently taken on extra team members as we can see this department growing within Bartholomew Hawkins and there is a long pipeline of work to get through.

Luke Quinnell

Luke Quinnell

Software Development Manager
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