Alternative inheritance tax planning

There is nothing certain but death and taxes, and that the Government will levy inheritance tax on your estate when you are gone.

It is common knowledge that gifting your money to your children or grandchildren can reduce the value of your estate assessable to inheritance tax if you survive for seven years after making the gift.

There are then a number of trust solutions that may meet your planning needs by reducing your inheritance tax bill whilst still meeting those retirement goals.

However, most outright gifts or trust solutions involve loss of control over your money and any income derived from it.

Bartholomew Hawkins offers a number of solutions to this problem. Our expert team of financial planners can advise on investment portfolios which qualify for Business Property Relief and are therefore 100% inheritance tax free once held for a minimum of two years. This service is aimed at providing investors with a simple and robust estate planning tool solution which allows access to and control over the capital and income of the investment.

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