Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) planning

Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) play an important role in the financial planning we offer to our clients.

They offer unique investment and tax planning strategies that can form a useful part of an individual’s portfolio.

What is an Enterprise Investment Scheme?

An EIS is arguably the most tax efficient solution available to the UK investor. If planning is implemented correctly, relief is available from capital gains tax, income tax and inheritance tax.

The schemes are designed to assist smaller companies in raising capital by offering tax incentives to investors. They provide a series of tax breaks to investors who hold them for three years. These include:

  • Income tax relief of 30% - up to a maximum of £300,000 reclaimed in tax in any tax year
  • The ability to carry back relief to the previous year
  • Tax free gains on investments held for the three years
  • Unlimited deferral of a capital gain – even capital gains that have been made up to 3 years ago
  • 100% inheritance tax exempt after 2 years

Please ensure that you receive the right advice with EIS investing as there are high risks linked to these investments due to the underlying companies being smaller unquoted companies.

Why use Bartholomew Hawkins?

Bartholomew Hawkins has an experienced team providing comprehensive solutions for wealthy individuals, saving clients millions of pounds in tax in the process.

Please contact our team to discuss planning with Enterprise Investment Schemes.

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